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Extra LAT Timed Practice Tests

You'll get one full year of access to simulate the certification exam experience so you can apply test-taking strategies and diagnose knowledge gaps for further study.

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What makes these awesome? You’ll be provided an account on a separate quizzing platform where you can attempt the practice tests as many times as you’d like. Each timed practice test is randomly generated from a growing pool of test questions.

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LAT Certification Study Course

Designed to help you achieve this milestone, this study course takes your learning style into account so you can ease back into a studying habit and have more success retaining the information. You'll have access to these materials for one full year so you can study at your pace.

We've reorganized how people typically study the LAT Training Manual. Instead of studying all 16 chapters in order, this course groups chapters in each of the 7 modules to make your learning easier.

In each module, we'll instruct you to read two specific chapters and a portion of chapter 7 in the LAT Training Manual. You'll use the following course materials to make the information from the chapters "stick":

  • Knowledge pre-checks. See where you are with chapter concepts before you begin.
  • Summary videos. Organize the chapter content both conceptually and visually. 
  • Note-taking worksheets. Move information from the chapter into long-term memory. 
  • Practice tests. Reveals where knowledge gaps remain and help you practice being ready for that one important shot at the exam.
  • Test-taking strategy videos. Prepare for the certification exam experience.

Bonus material:

  • Anatomical diagram worksheets. Label and color-code anatomical structures for maximum retention.
  • Jeopardy-style games. Online games that cover chapter concepts. Play solo or with others on your team.
  • Adaptive flashcards. Lock-in key terms and concept differentiation with a free Brainscape PRO subscription and 2000+ adaptive flashcards ($100 value). Give Brainscape adaptive flashcards a try.

The practice tests in this course can only be taken once. If you'd like more tests that are also timed and larger, add extra practice tests to your study plan. 

*Please note: This course does not include the LAT Training Manual nor exam application fees. Visit the AALAS Store to purchase. 

The summary videos in this course do not replace the chapter readings - they supplement them. The LAT Training Manual, either the physical manual or through the AALAS Learning Library, is required.

This course is not affiliated with nor endorsed by AALAS.